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 Traditional Dressage / articles

What is contact ? First, it is not that:

Soon, a better article will be presented here.

extract from diary:

Here is an example fo a young horse who has not been manipulated in front, not yet round from behind .... just pushing through to the contact as young horses should:

This is a good photo of a young SRS stallion being backed. What is interesting is to see how the horse is "pushing" through to carry the new weight.

The rider is just going along with it and the horse nicely is using himself naturally : no bend in the body yet of course as the horse leans to turn... and not yet carrying from behind.. but all is well, as it should be, at that stage... just pushing and discovering how to carry this human being without being manipulated "in front".

This horse has not been forced down and overbent.. why would he be asked this as a young unspoilt horse?

Later contact develops as the horse develops.

article here soon to follow....