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"Are most people hungering and thirsting for what is right, or for the things they deem beneficial to themselves?

The primary motivation is only constructive and creative when it centres in rightness. This is a basic need in human experience not generally recognized.

Attitudes are so often involved with self-satisfaction and this takes precedence over rightness; if consciousness is occupied with self, then there isn't any room for the experience of what it would mean to be right, and the only reason that a person doesn't know what it is to be right is that he doesn't particularly want to be right.

Rightness experienced by the physical body is health, and mental health is rightness of the mind. There is only one thing that can bring this and that is to be associated with what is right - true identity - and this is a reality; it is present.

There is consciousness in the atom - memory. All that has been experienced by the atom, in the various forms here on earth, is present in teh hereditary pattern of the atom forming a basic ground of consciousness, the molecular consciousness of our physical bodies and this is dependent on "something" which allows the combination of atoms, molecules, cells, etc.

There is this invisible "something" present in relationship to each of the levels of consciousness, each part of the design, permitting each particular level of consciousness to manifest. It is not conceivable, surely, that the atoms of the planet should, without reason, assemble themselves together into molecules and cells and organisms and bodies? There is a cause, an invisible cause.

It is something like a horse in relationship to a rider.

A horse cannot comprehend the rider, but he may, if the rider is competent, participate in the experience which is made possible by the rider. Something is shared. Now this is very clearly evident to a competent rider; the horse is delighted to share in what it is that is being experienced by both.

Obviously the rider is experiencing something which would not be possible if it weren't not for the horse, and the horse is experiencing something which would not be possible if it weren't for the rider. The rider should understand the horse, but the horse cannot understand the rider.

Now the consciousness of the body is comparable to the consciousness of the horse in this analogy. It can't comprehend what it is that permits it to operate and no amount of effort will solve the problem. It isn't really a problem and only seems like one to the consciousness of the body that is trying to do something for which it was not designed.

Horses are more intelligent. There is a longing in the horse to please the rider - we are speaking here of a reasonable horse and a competent rider.

Of course it doesn't understand to start with, hence the need for training. Where the rider is competent this training is provided and the horse joins in because it delights in rightness - an experience that it doesn't know, that it cannot know until it has learned how to move with and coordinate with the rider.

Those who have not had this opportunity of oneness may not realize how delightful it is for both horse and rider.

When the individual begins to move in the direction of spiritual things there is usually a tendency for the consciousness of the body to try to grasp and understand, and it either deludes itself by developing concepts and beliefs of all kinds, or it feels futile.

It feels a failure because it has failed to comprehend, and this is what is required for then it may stop being stupid and begin to permit the experience of what may be called training.

The reality of man is imcapable fo being defined or comprehended by the consciousness of the body. Now it is by reasons of the activity of this reality that your physical body has been put together, that you have a mind, and that you may have the experience of joint action with that reality on earth.

It is this joint action that produces the real world. It is the lack of that joint action that has produced the unreal world we live in.

The real world, the satisfying world, the fulfilling world, is the world which can be created only by this spiritual reality, which in fact you are, and is what makes the consciousness of the body possible.

All that is present in our bodies by reason of the atomic structure and the historical record, the molecular structure, the cellular structure, the organic structure, is the facility by which the spiritual reality of being can reach the world. When the desire for righteousness is supreme then the record contained in the consciousness of the body is no longer the controlling influence. It is present, you can't get rid of it, you don't want to rid of it; all that needs to be done is to dissolve the unrighteousness in it.

At a level below the level of the conscious mind there is something which relates to the consciousness of animals and there is something in the consciousness of animal which permits them to be guided somehow - migrating birds, etc. (i.e. instinct).

If a polygraph (lie detector) is put on a fertile egg which has nothing yet in the way of a heart or circulatory system, a pulsation is there, the pulsation around which the heart would take form. The spiritual reality is present, and it is this spiritual reality which is the true identity of the person.

There is a necessity for this consciousness of the body to begin to reflect the pusation of this true identity so that the reality may be shared by the body of the individual and the consciousness of that body.

This reality doesn't come out of the earth, it doesn't come out of the environment, it doesn't come out of the historical past. This identity is already reality, and if allowed comes forth through the consciousness of the body in the experience of the person, but only if there is a desire for right.

When the desire for right is supreme in a person then it will be experienced and is true being, true identity in human form on earth. This is man's need, the need of the body and its consciousness.

It perishes without it, where there is no vision, where righteous judgement is not the priority. This expression enables the world to become right, and it only does so because there is a right person on earth; the re-creative process is shared.

It is necessary to become aware of this potential so that one may be in a position to let it happen.

An old horse that has been trained the wrong way may not be able to be resurrected by even a competent rider, but with man it isn't a matter of age or mistraining. It is a matter of right desire - "Blessed are they who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled".

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