Traditional Dressage / articles

The following quotes were written by the horsemen of the past who dedicated their lives to the training of the horse for the Art of Riding towards harmony.

"A break in the outline of the neck can never be tolerated".

"The neck reflects what is happening in the hindquarters".

"The horse is propelled forward by the swinging action of his back".

"It is the unconstrained oscillation of the horse's back that provides the necessary support for the limbs and consequent suspension".

"First we must have a picture, then comes knowledge. But this is nothing without understanding and experience".

Methods change", Principles do not."

"There exists a reciprocal effect between the rider's seat and the horse's way of going".

"Only the horse can collect himself".

"The whole shoulder can slide backwards and forwards, i.e., the whole body of the horse advances forward in relation to the foot on the ground".

"Riders must learn to Ride and also Think".

"The Spur is not a forward driving aid, it is a collecting, round aid.... it acts by pressure and should nor hit".

"Engagement results from increased longitudinal flexion." 

"A relaxed horse takes part in the movement in his entirety".

"Good riding creates a balanced horse. Balance means you keep the whole body working well as a unit. In this, there’s no difference between a warmblood or a quarter horse, or between an American, French, or German trainer."

 "The centre of movement in a horse is the back – the long back muscles are made to move the horse, not carry a rider. Yet the rider sits on the horse’s back. So we need to use different parts of the horse’s body to bring his back up into balance."