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 Traditional Dressage / articles


(click on the above link to see this video)

The limbs are coordinated, the back is the "orchestra" of their action... energy is generated from under the rider. Mistakes can be seen, no hidden. A but too much power at time, but aiming in the right direction.. (not on my terms, but "on the search" for harmony as defined by the Rules and the principles).

Some lovely moments here to see a horse moving uphill,watch especially the half-pass and tempi changes....

Of course this is not "perfect" but the horse is moving with his whole body, showing at times problems, but the general idea is there: there are moment of pure grace and lightness on the ground, the horse moves in "one piece", one harmonious unit.

A lot of horse in front of the rider, collected body, therefore collected neck and back... withers high, shoulders free, lifted by the energy of the back and from behind.

There are problems at the piaffe we all know this and Ulla knows this, the tests were not perfect, they were very close to the ideal of "uphill, through"...

Right tendencies, superb riding.

now watch Totilas: (energy does not travel forward through the horse's body and the result is much more "up /down" feel, more toylike, less grace, less smoothness, the horse throw himself during the pirouettes instead of carrying.

The tempi changes are not straight as the horse is throwing his quarters left and right.... etc. much more to say but will discuss tests again when time allows. But most important watching these videos is to try to SEE energy within the horse's body...

and see the difference with Rusty: Totilas does not change his neck/ the neck is just there, nearly a decoration, while Rusty works and moves with his whole body and uses his neck to carry: he is connected.

Totilas pops up and down and has to use his legs very energetically to do his formidable work.. and not fall over. A super horse? Yes.

But judges must mark the training...... not what they like or dislike.. They must obey the rules too.

Edward Gal en Totilas kür CHIO Rotterdam 2010

Edward Gal en Totilas (v. Gribaldi) scoren 90,143% in de kür van CHIO Rotterdam 2010.