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 Traditional Dressage / articles

Catherine's Diary

15th of October 2010

Totilas' back... no words needed...

Got a call from the German side of my family on Wednesday to ask me if I could take on a black 16h3 dressage stallion from Holland for rehabilitation. Very good, I am thrilled, but a little worried as well that he cannot be turned out.

It took 3 hours a day for 3 months teaching another dressage horse (Dutch trained) to graze without attempting to jump straight back in his stable... Have I got the courage to start this all over again? !!

So, at the moment, nothing is certain.


11th of October 2010


We aim at having a group where personal attacks, private aggressive or sarcastical posts towards other members of the group are removed immediately.

The purpose of the group is to enjoy learning, studying and discussing dressage training as well as discussing subjects like:

"what is rollkur for?"

"What does it do to the horse's way of going?"

 "Why has rollkur become so popular in dressage competition and why are the Rules of Dressage, based on the classical scales of training, not followed at top level?

How can we develop a better eye from the ground?

A better feel for a dressage stride?

etc. etc.

The purpose is also to discuss our own training and riding problems, photos, and show some work "in progress" or share videos etc.

4th of October 2010

Photo from Eurodressage...

2nd of October 2010

Will Totilas' back and neck will look like that when he will be 20? He should because marked as high as he is, he must the pure example of "what is good for the horse".