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25th of July 2010

It appears that the Dutch and Germans had some relationship problems" in Aachen: read this from Eurodressage and see the video about the view from a British side about it all!

Now see and hear "The British view" on what is happening:

British Diplomacy

Sir Humphry explains the Foreign Office's approach to the European question.

And sadly, Gerd Heuschman has left the board of the great group Xenophon. /Do joint Xenophon, I think they have the balance right.

2nd of July 2010

Arthur Kottas has published a book, you can read inside the book on here:

Kottas spoke up "gently" during a FEI meeting about "Modern dressage"

He described "a certain horse" as looking like a Tenessee walking horse.

So I think it is very good to buy his book to support his work and life dedication to horses

Again, here are some "modern Dressage photos":