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 Traditional Dressage / articles

We now have a good statement, not

public, someone received this today (18.02) from British Dressage


"In regards to your request for an official statement we would encourage you to reference the BD Rulebook - The Welfare of the Horse (page 7)for British Dressage's welfare guidelines where "the horse must be considered paramount..." and "all riding and training methods must take account of the horse as a living entity and must not include any technique considered by the FEI to be abusive." The rulebook is also available on the website for your review."

end of quote.

Addendum: this statement has been also put on the forum I believe (was told).

Problem solved.

So, here is what the FEI proposes, it seems a very good and clear statement from the FEI:

Update from FEI Dressage Director

Update from FEI Dressage Director on the RollKur

I still believe that British Dressage should make a public statement to explain their position so that riders all over the country takes note.

Certainly now, this will be done soon.